Episode 13

When your errors have errors...

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[00:03:00] Critical Security Issue identified in iTerm2 as part of Mozilla Open Source Audit

[00:11:24] Windows Error Reporting Manager arbitrary file move Elevation of Privilege (CVE-2019-1315)

[00:16:12] CVE-2019-8697: MacOS System Escalation via Disk Management

[00:20:20] Apple Zero Day Exploited in Bitpaymer Campaign

[00:25:50] BrokenStrokes: On the (in)Security of Wireless Keyboards

[00:31:53] PS2 Yabasic Exploit

[00:40:12] Imperva Breach Report

[00:49:23] EU-coordinated risk assessment of 5G network security

[00:55:11] Measuring Attack Surface Reduction in the Presence of Code (Re-)Randomization

[01:04:46] Finding Security Threats That Matter: An Industrial Case Study

[01:16:47] An Extended Survey on Vehicle Security

[01:21:56] Zydis 3.0 Released (x86-64 disassembler library)

[01:25:54] IDA 7.4

[01:28:38] Government interference in Australia's premier cybersecurity conference is a worry

[01:33:16] uBlock dev build rejected

[01:39:19] Ken Thompson's Unix Password

[01:44:04] Humble Bundle - Linux and Unix O'Reilly Books