Episode 14

Linux Exploits, Secure Credentials, Side-Channels and Election(SDK) hacking

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[00:01:29] Sudo: CVE-2019-14287

[00:08:40] Buffer overflow in Realtek Wi-Fi chips

[00:17:13] US Law Enforcement Traces Bitcoin Transfers to Nab ‘Largest’ Child Porn Site

[00:39:45] Equifax Using admin:admin as Credentials for Sensitive Information

[00:48:40] CenturyLink Data Leak of 2.8 Million Records

[00:56:37] NordVPN Reportedly Compromised

[01:07:45] Pop_OS 19.10

[01:13:26] JSFuzz

[01:19:08] Site Isolation improvement (and now on Android)

[01:22:54] A New Memory Type Against Speculative Side Channel Attacks

[01:30:06] oo7: Low-overhead Defense against Spectre Attacks via Program Analysis

[01:38:37] UK Government to fund development of attack resistant Arm chips

[01:46:59] Germany's Cyber Security Agency Recommends Firefox as Most Secure Browser

[02:01:36] Facebook Expanding Bug Bountry Program to Third-Party Apps

[02:04:14] ElectionGuard SDK Bug Bounty