Episode 15

NordVPN Again, Snowden, CPDoS, a PHP-RCE, and some console hacking

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[00:00:49] NordVPN's Response to Private Certificate Breach Discussed Last Week

[00:12:31] AWS Hit By major DDOS Attack

[00:14:43] Seven Million Adobe Creative Cloud Accounts Exposed to the Public

[00:25:24] Travel Reservations Platform Leaks US Government Personnel Data

[00:30:09] Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden

[00:48:38] Technical Analysis of Checkm8

[00:55:51] Cache Poisoned Denial of Service (CPDoS)

[01:08:27] CVE-2019-11043 - PHP-FPM (potential) RCE

[01:20:44] Light Ears: Information Leakage via Smart Lights

[01:27:57] Don’t open that XML: XXE to RCE in XML plugins for VS Code, Eclipse, Theia, …

[01:33:28] Bringing ICS into the Pwn2Own World

[01:37:39] Analysis of Qualcomm Secure Boot Chains

[01:39:56] Microsoft Secured-Core PC

[01:47:46] Guarding Against Physical Attacks: The Xbox One Story