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210 - TPMs and Baseband Bugs

This week we go a bit deeper than normal and look at some low level TPM attacks to steal keys. We've got a cool attack that lets us leak a per-chip secret out of the TPM one byte at a time, and a post about reading Bitlocker's secret off the SPI bus. Then we talk about several Shannon baseband bugs disclosed by Google's Project Zero.

208 - Timing Attack for Exploitation and VR in the wake of Rust

Not a lot of interesting binary exploitation topics for this week, we've got a DHCPv6 service vuln, and a fun idea to use a timing side-channel to improve exploit stability. Then we end with a discussion about Rust coming the Windows operating system, what Rust means for the future of exploit development and vulnerability research and the value of memory corruption in Windows.

206 - A Ghostscript RCE and a Windows Registry Bug

This week's binary exploitation episode has some pretty solid bugs.A string escaping routine that goes out of bounds, a web-based information disclosure. And a couple kernel issues, one in the Windows registry, a logical bug leading to memory corruption, and an AppleSPU out of bounds access.

198 - TOCTOUs in Intel SMM and Shannon Baseband Bugs

We've got a pretty nice root/super-use check bypass in XNU this week, and a sort of double fetch issue in Intel's SMM leading to a potential privilege escalation into the Management system. We've also got a few meme-able Shannon Baseband issues and some tough to exploit out of bound reads in MIT Kerberos V5.