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203 - Pentaho Pre-Auth RCE and Theft by CAN Injection

Some fun issues this week as we explore code execution in Synthetics Recorder stemming from a comment in the code. An auth bypass in Pentaho leading to RCE via SSTI, car theft via CAN bus message injection, and how to become a cluster admin from a compromised pod in AWK Elastic Kubernetes Service.

201 - Bamboozling Bing and a Curl Gotcha

Some audio issues this week, sorry for the ShareX sound. But we have a few interesting issues. A curl quirk that it might be useful to be aware of, Azure Pipelines vulnerability abusing attacker controlled logging. A look at a pretty classic Android/mobile bug, and a crazy auth misconfiguration (BingBang).

199 - Bypassing CloudTrail and Tricking GPTs

We are back with more discussion about applying AI/ChatGPT to security research, but before that we have a few interesting vulnerabilities. An OTP implementation that is too complex for its own good, a directory traversal leading to a guest to host VM escape, and server-side mime-sniffing.

185 - Facebook Account Takeovers and a vBulletin RCE

Is it possible to escalate a self-XSS into an account takeover? Perhaps, we take a look at some potential options by abusing single-sign on. Then we take a look at a few Facebook/Meta authentication issues, and a deserialization trick to increase the usable classes in PHP.