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211 - OverlayFS to Root and Parallels Desktop Escapes

More bug bounty style bugs, but you'd be forgiven reading that title thinking we had a low-level focus this episode. We got some awesome bugs this week though from tricking Dependabot and abusing placeholder values, an IIS auth bypass. Ending off with a kernel bug (OverlayFS) and a VM escape (Parallels Desktop)

209 - Bad Ordering, Free OpenAI Credits, and Goodbye Passwords?

We open up this weeks bug bounty podcast with a discussion about Google's recent support for passkeys, tackling some misunderstanding about what they are and how open the platform is. Also some talk towards the end about potential vulnerabilities to look out for. Then we dive into the vulnerabilities for the week, involving bypassing phone validation in OpenAI, a bad origin check enabling abuse of a permissive CORS policy, and an order of operations issue breaking the purpose of sanitization in Oracle's Opera.

207 - Git Config Injection and a Sophos Pre-Auth RCE

On this weeks bug bounty podcast we take a look at a few interesting issues. While they are all patched, there is reason to believe they'd all creep up in other applications too. First up is an RCE due to nested use of an escaped string. Second a fgets loop that doesn't account for long lines. A XML signature verification tool with a deceptive interface, and last a look at how Bash's privileged mode can backfire.

205 - SecurePoint UTM, Chfn, and Docker Named Pipe Vulns

For this week's bug bounty podcast We start off with a bit of a unique auth bypass in a firewall admin panel. We've also got a couple desktop-based software bugs, with a Docker Desktop privilege escalation on windows, and a chfn bug. We've also got a couple escalation techniques, one for Azure environments, and another trick for exploiting semi-controlled file-writes.

203 - Pentaho Pre-Auth RCE and Theft by CAN Injection

Some fun issues this week as we explore code execution in Synthetics Recorder stemming from a comment in the code. An auth bypass in Pentaho leading to RCE via SSTI, car theft via CAN bus message injection, and how to become a cluster admin from a compromised pod in AWK Elastic Kubernetes Service.

201 - Bamboozling Bing and a Curl Gotcha

Some audio issues this week, sorry for the ShareX sound. But we have a few interesting issues. A curl quirk that it might be useful to be aware of, Azure Pipelines vulnerability abusing attacker controlled logging. A look at a pretty classic Android/mobile bug, and a crazy auth misconfiguration (BingBang).

199 - Bypassing CloudTrail and Tricking GPTs

We are back with more discussion about applying AI/ChatGPT to security research, but before that we have a few interesting vulnerabilities. An OTP implementation that is too complex for its own good, a directory traversal leading to a guest to host VM escape, and server-side mime-sniffing.