Vulnerabilities tagged 'exploit strategy'

Use-After-Free in Python 2.7+

Taking an unexpected reference to a memoryview object resulting in a use-after-free when the parent of said object is destroyed.Though this is a rather low impact bug because it requires control over the code being executed, so one could just write an os.system(...) call or something similar…


FORCEDENTRY: Sandbox Escape

Follow-up to the December post which covered an int overflow in the CoreGraphics PDF parser for the JBIG2 image format, which implemented a weird machine / mini architecture to execute code. This post covers the sandbox escape that was chained with it, which unlike the first bug, is a logic issue rather than a memory corruption.


[Netgear R6700v3] Scanf into Fixed-Size Buffer

Two issues, the first simply being that the update check would make an HTTPS request but not validate the certificate, enabling some attack surface for a Man-in-the-Middle, second was in parsing the file downloaded a checksum would be copied from the file into a fixed size stack buffer. As an attacker can control the response file, the attack can overflow the stack buffer.


Solving DOM XSS Puzzles

We’ve got two XSS “puzzles” in unnamed bounty programs, each with somewhat interesting exploit strategies. The original post is worth a read for more insight into the thought process leading to the discovery of each step.