Vulnerabilities tagged "server"

The curl quirk that exposed Burp Suite and Google Chrome

When using curl, if the `--data-raw` argument starts with a `@` it will be treated as a filename and the file itself will be included as the data of the request. This sort of bug would be hard to exploit in the context of Burp and Chrome, requiring a victim to "Copy as cURL" a malicious request in the first place, and then run it...

CorePlague: Severe Vulnerabilities in Jenkins Server Lead to RCE

The XSS here is fairly basic, attacker controlled data reflected without sanitization, whats a bit more interesting is the input source, plugin metadata processed by the global Jenkin's Update Center.There is a bit of a process to getting plugins listed in the Update Center, submitted a PR and the first plugin needs to be manually approved, though the authors note that this is mostly a procedural thing...

ImageMagick: The hidden vulnerability behind your online images

In resizing a PNG, in a textual chunk you have keywords and a text string as a value, if the keyword `profile` is used, imagemagick will try to read the associated filename (the text value for the keyword) and will load the content of the file (if it exists) into the resultant image. So in cases where a user uploaded image is resized or processed in some way by imagemagick, it may be possible to leak file content in the resulting image.

SQL Injection in ManageEngine Privileged Access Management [CVE-2022-40300]

An SQLi in Password Manager Pro, which is bundled with Manage Engine's Privileged Access Management 360 (PAM360) and Access Manager Plus.In the password manager, there's a concept of "resources" which can be added or edited, which internally submits a multipart form request to the `` endpoint...