Vulnerabilities tagged "vuln"

Two null dereferences and a Heap-based Overflow in Radare2

The two null-dereferences are pretty straight forward instances, the first being that when an error happens early on, a buffer is never assigned a value after the initial `NULL` assignment.In generic error handling code, it gets dereferenced assuming the error happened after it had been setup...

Capability Check Bypass in Fuchsia OS

The majority of this post is going into background on Fuchsia and exploiting a fake vulnerability, there was one novel vulnerability that the author came across though.To obtain a KASLR bypass, the author thought to try and gain access to the kernel log for any pointers that might be leaked...

VMware Authentication Bypass Vulnerability [CVE-2022-22972]

Honestly, this is a bit of a crazy issue to see, during Login, if the `LocalPasswordAuthAdapter` gets used, it will attempt to validate the login credentials with whatever host is in the `Host` header, an attacker can often control this header completely. And so by pointing the header to a domain the attacker controls they can setup a server that will respond with an `HTTP 200` to the authentication request allowing the attacker to login.

[GitLab] Stored XSS in Notes (with CSP bypass)

It seems that the syntax highlighting filter will read the `data-sourcepos` attribute rather permissively including newlines and angle brackets. This value gets reflected back out into the page where the browser will end up interpreting as HTML some of the text the backend throught was in the attribute.

Breaking Reverse Proxy Parser Logic

At its core, a simple issue with path normalization between a reverse proxy and the end server, one treated `..%2f` as a traversal and the other did not.This was used by the author to access internal NGINX Plus endpoints and was able to take advantage of it and was able to add his own server to the upstream list...

Stealing Google Drive OAuth tokens from Dropbox

Inspired by HTTPVoid's February write-up about [Hacking Google Drive Integrations]( They took a bit deeper look at how HelloSign patched the SSRF documented.