19 - What Does The NSA Say?

In this episode we discuss a recent NSA advisory regarding best practices for intercepting TLS traffic. We also take a look at a recent DOM Clobbering (XSS) finding, several VNC exploits, and end with a discussion on fuzzer performance and hardening against power-analysis side channels.

Analyzing Android's CVE-2019-2215 (/dev/binder UAF)

Over the past few weeks, those of you who frequent the DAY[0] streams over on our Twitch may have seen me working on trying to understand the recent Android Binder Use-After-Free (UAF) published by Google's Project Zero (p0). This bug is actually not new, the issue was discovered and fixed in the mainline kernel in February 2018, however, p0 discovered many popular devices did not receive the patch downstream. Some of these devices include the Pixel 2, the Huawei P20, and Samsung Galaxy S7, S8,