233 - Spoofing Emails, PandoraFMS, and Keycloak

Kicking off 2024 with a longer episode as we talk about some auditing desktop applications (in the context of some bad reports to Edge). Then we've got a couple fun issues with a client-side path traversal, and a information disclosure due to a HTTP 307 redirect. A bunch of issues in PandoraFSM, and finally some research about parser differentials in SMTP leading to SMTP smuggling (for effective email spoofing).

232 - RetSpill, A Safari Vuln, and Steam RCE

A bit of a rambling episode to finish off 2023, we talk about some Linux kernel exploitation research (RetSpill) then get into several vulnerabilities. A type confusion in QNAP QTS5, a JavaScriptCore bug in Safari, and several issues in Steam's Remote Play protocol.

231 - IOT Issues and DNS Rebinding

A mix of issues this week, not traditionally bounty topics, but there are some lessons that can be applied. First is a feature, turned vulnerability in VS Code which takes a look at just abusing intentional functionality. Several XOS bugs with a web-console. A Sonos Era 100 jailbreak which involves causing a particular call to fail, a common bug path we've seen before, and some discussion about doing fast DNS rebinding attacks against Chrome and Safari.

230 - Samsung Baseband and GPU Vulns

A Samsung special this week, starting off with two Samsung specific vulnerabilities, one in the baseband chip for code execution. And a stack based overflow in the RILD service handler parsing IPC calls from the baseband chip for a denial of service. Lastly a Mali GPU driver use-after-free.

229 - Buggy Cookies and a macOS TCC Bypass

This week brings up a pretty solid variety of issues. Starting off with some cookie smuggling (and other cookie attacks) which presents some interesting research I hadn't really looked for before that has some potential. Then an AI alignment evasion to leak training data. Not the most interesting attack but it appears to open up some other ideas for further research. A MacOS desktop issue (for a $30k bounty), and some home assistant issues.

228 - Hypervisor Bugs and a FAR-out iOS bug

This week kicks off with a a V8 misoptimization leading to out-of-bounds access, an unprotected MSR in Microsoft's Hypervisor allowing corruption of Hypervisor code. We also take a quick look at a 2021 CVE with an integer underflow leading to an overflow in the Windows Kernel low-fragmentation heap, and finally an interesting information leak due to the kernel not clearing a sensitive register.

226 - A Heap of Linux Bugs

Last week we brought you several Windows bugs, this week we are talking Linux kernel vulnerabilities and exploitation. We start off looking at a weird but cool CPU bug, Reptar, then we get into nftables, io_uring, and talk about a newer mitigations hitting Linux 6.6 that randomizes the caches allocations end up in.