Buggy Browsers, Heap Grooming, and Broken RSA

This week we get to take a look into some basic heap grooming techniques as we examine multiple heap overflows. We also briefly discuss the hand-on (by the DoD and Synack) assessment of the "unhackable" morpheus chip, and briefly discuss the new-ish paper claiming to defeat RSA.

BlackHat USA, Pre-Auth RCEs, and JSON Smuggling

This week we talk a bit about newly released Black Hat 2020 and NDSS 2021 presentation videos, before jumping into several pre-auth RCEs, and some interesting exploitation research to bring a PAC enforced Shadow Stack to ARM and an examination of JSON parser interoperability issues.

OSED, North Korean hackers, NAT Slipstream 2.0, and PGP (in)security

Starting with a long discussion about the North Korean hackers targeting security reseachers, and some thoughts (rants) about the newly released Windows exploit dev course from Offensive Security before getting into some real exploits including NAT Slipstreaming 2.0 and a new Sudo vuln.

Getting Started with Exploit Development

tl;dr The rest of this goes into detail about what topics matter and why from each resource, but if you want to cut to the chase and ignore that... * Prerequisites * C programming language * x86 Assembly (32bit and 64bit) * Linux terminal usage * Exploit Education - Nebula [https://exploit.education/nebula/] - Start thinking like an attacker and learning to do research * Open Security Training - Introduction to Software Exploitation [https://opensecuritytraining.info/E