Vulnerabilities tagged "desktop"

Tricking the Kernel into Inappropiately Generating Core Dumps [SuDump]

Bit of a logic bug/abuse resulting in the ability to write files with semi-controlled content in any directory regardless of privileges. Under normal circumstances when a suid binary crashes, it will be considered non-dumpable, more generally speaking, when a process has a difference between its real and effective group or user ids it will not be dumped.

Argument Injection in AWS WorkSpaces Desktop Client URI Handler

The AWS WorkSpaces desktop application registers a custom URI on the host system and does not properly sanitize the parameters leading to argument injection. As the WorkSpaces client is based on Chromium Embeded Framework the debugging argument `--gpu-launcher` can be used to issue arbitrary commands.

Spook.js - Speculative Type Confusion

The cool part of this paper is the speculative type confusion attack where the browser's optimizer is trained to expect a memory access will be a uint8 array, and the CPU branch predictor that it will always go down that path. Then the attack changes both conditions leading to the CPU speculatively executing the uint8 access using data from another object, aligned in memory such that two 32bit value in JavaScript become one 64bit value.