Vulnerabilities (Page 3)

Open Redirects in JetBrains Applications leading to Account Hijacking


After finding an open redirect in Datalore’s endpoint for authenticating via JetBrains, the author dug into the auth process to see if it could be turned into an attack.They discovered that if an auth_url parameter was specified (which had to be a valid jetbrains subdomain), Datalore would send the user as as well as their JWT token to the given URL…


IDOR in Undocumented Method of JetBrain's YouTrack


When looking into the API internals of JetBrain’s YouTrack, the author discovered an undocumented endpoint for getting issue descriptions without any styling or markdown.This endpoint was not protected with role validation or any user authentication at all, likely because it’s only meant to be used internally…


Terminal escape injection in AWS CloudShell

The vulnerability here is in libterm.js as used by AWS CloudShell.When handing the escape to get the Termcap/Terminfo string (+q) it’ll reflect the parameter right back into the respond…


RCE in GitLab when removing metadata using ExifTool


The vulnerability itself is in ExifTool, in parsing DjVu archive metadata it will parse the token, do some validation on it to make sure its safe and call eval on it to parse the C-Style string escapes within the string.The problem is the validation trips up on handling an escaped newline, ignoring the newline character and thinking the next character is the escaped one…


One-click reflected XSS on Instagram


This is a surprisingly simple reflected XSS on a next= URL parameter that is reflected into an href, you can include a javascript: target for the url…