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Bypassing Box MFA & Bad AES Key Generation

A new security-related humble bundle, MFA bypass in Box, and a a few older style vulnerabilities: lfi2rce, allow-list bypass with an @ sign, and insecure random number seeds.

Bad Code and Bad URLs

This week is a shorter episode looking at some bad code in mermaid.js and Moodle's Shibboleth plugin, and a bit of research regarding URL parsing issues.

Rooting Ubuntu By Accident and Samsung Kernel Bugs

We are back for the first 2022 binary episode, and its all kernel. Obtaining root through an hours long exploit process on Ubuntu thanks to an invalid free, use-after-free in XNU due to bad locking, and some terrible code in Samsung S20 DSP kernel driver with multiple integer overflows.

An Android Kernel Bug & a Chrome+Edge Exploit

Hex-rays/Adobe cross-over as they move to a subscription model and we are not too happy about it, we also discuss a few interesting bugs this week from an odd optimization and a signedness bug in Chrome, to some mishandled null-bytes in runc, and a subtle object-state confusion in the Linux kernel