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186 - An XNU Exploit and a Chrome Heap Overflow

First, we take a look at some positive changes to OSS Fuzz, then we dive into some vulnerabilities. This includes an XNU heap out-of-bounds write vulnerability, a Chrome heap-based overflow vulnerability, and an out-of-bounds read in cmark-gfm that, while probably not exploitable, is still intriguing.

185 - Facebook Account Takeovers and a vBulletin RCE

Is it possible to escalate a self-XSS into an account takeover? Perhaps, we take a look at some potential options by abusing single-sign on. Then we take a look at a few Facebook/Meta authentication issues, and a deserialization trick to increase the usable classes in PHP.

182 - Exploiting Null Derefs and Windows Type COM-fusion

Null-dereferences might not be too exploitable on a lot of systems, what about the handling of a null-dereference. We cover a great Project Zero post on the topic, then look at a type confusion in Windows COM, a Nintendo buffer overflow, and several memory corruptions in git, highlighting their unique primitives and potential exploitability.