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Ok Google, sudo ./hacktheplanet

Ok Google! Bypass authentication..and while we're at it, lets explot sudo and OpenSMPTD for root access. This week we dive into various code bases to explore several recent exploits that take advantage of some common yet subtle issues.

First Edge bounty, Hacking Tesla, Cisco advisories, and Shadow Clones

First episode of the decade! First, CCC then some Kali news and all the technical details we can find behind several issues impacting the new Edge browser, Teslas, Cisco DC Network Manager, and others. Ending off with a discussion about a Data-Oriented Programming attack mitigation: Shadow clones.

What Does The NSA Say?

In this episode we discuss a recent NSA advisory regarding best practices for intercepting TLS traffic. We also take a look at a recent DOM Clobbering (XSS) finding, several VNC exploits, and end with a discussion on fuzzer performance and hardening against power-analysis side channels.