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Hacking Voatz and Rooting Ubuntu

Some interesting tips and tricks as we look at multiple privileges escalations from XNU to Ubuntu, Bitdefender, and Dropbox (HelloSign).

Some Discord, a Bad Neighbor and a BleedingTooth

It has been a while since we had an exploit extravaganza but here we are. Several binary-level issues from Bad Neighbor on Windows to BleedingTooth on Linux, and several vulns in Qualcomm SoCs, even a Discord RCE.

Breaking into HashiCorp Vault, Apple and Google

Its a web-exploit heavy episode impacing Apple, Hasicorp, Azure, Google, and even a DOMPurify Bypass. Then we end-off with a look into benchmarking fuzzers, and a look at the House of Muney heap exploitation technique.

Bhyves and Evil LEDs (+Roulette)

A "trivial" Bhyve VM escape, a BitWarden "RCE", a ModSecurity "Denial of Service" and more scare quotes for your enjoyment in this week's episode.