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Raccoons, Incomplete fixes and Kernel Exploits

Leading off this week's discussion is the news about the now remote CCC and Offensive Security's plans to retire OSCE. On the exploit side of things, this week we have a few recent bug bounties including a Google Maps XSS, a FreeBSD TOCTOU, and a couple of Linux kernel vulnerabilities.

Zoom E2E, 15 year old bugs, and killing 20 year old attacks

A quick chat about E2E Crypto and Zoom, followed by a few noteworth exploits including Bluetooth impersonation, a 15-year old qmail CVE, NordVPN, and an RCE in Google. Ending with some mitigation research looking at making singlely linked lists safe, XSS prevention, and Code-Reuse Gadgets.

Zoom-ers, VM Escapes, and Pegasus Resurfaces

First, we talk about Facebook trying to buy some spyware, and then we feast upon a number of Zoom "vulns." Follow that up wtih some interesting vulnerabilities including a hyper-visor Guest-to-host escape, a complicated Safari permissions bypass, and a Gitlab Parser Differential.