Vulnerabilities (Page 11)

ImageMagick: The hidden vulnerability behind your online images

In resizing a PNG, in a textual chunk you have keywords and a text string as a value, if the keyword profile is used, imagemagick will try to read the associated filename (the text value for the keyword) and will load the content of the file (if it exists) into the resultant image. So in cases where a user uploaded image is resized or processed in some way by imagemagick, it may be possible to leak file content in the resulting image.


mast1c0re: Part 3 - Escaping the emulator

A PS2 emulator escape that can be exploited on PS4/PS5.In the previous binary episode we covered part 2 which was a stack overflow in Okage: Shadow King, by chaining that with this out-of-bounds (OOB) write in the emulator, full userland code execution is possible…