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216 - Busted Stack Protectors, MTE, and AI Powered Fuzzing

A binary summer-recap episode, looking at some vulnerabilities and research put out over the summer. Talking about what TPM really offers when it comes to full-disk encryption, some thoughts on AI in the fuzzing loop. Then into some cool bugs, kicking off with some ARM Memory Tagging Extension vulnerabilities, a `-fstack-protector` implementation failure and bypass, and then a look at a Android exploit that was found in-the-wild.

215 - DEF CON, HardwearIO, Broken Caching, and Dropping Headers

We are back, and talking about our summer with a lengthy discussion about our DEF CON experiences before getting into some favorite issues from the summer. Including a neat twist on a PHP security feature that might be using in your bug bounty chains. A look at classic crypto issue (unauthenticated encrypted blobs), and an easily missed caching issue.

213 - Jellyfin Exploits and TOCTOU Spellcasting

Another bug bounty podcast, another set of vulnerabilities. Starting off with a desktop info-disclosure in KeePass2 that discloses master passwords to attackers (with a high-level of access). A couple Jellyfin bugs resulting in an RCE chain, and a pretty classic crypto issue that allowed for renting luxury cars for extremely cheap.

211 - OverlayFS to Root and Parallels Desktop Escapes

More bug bounty style bugs, but you'd be forgiven reading that title thinking we had a low-level focus this episode. We got some awesome bugs this week though from tricking Dependabot and abusing placeholder values, an IIS auth bypass. Ending off with a kernel bug (OverlayFS) and a VM escape (Parallels Desktop)

210 - TPMs and Baseband Bugs

This week we go a bit deeper than normal and look at some low level TPM attacks to steal keys. We've got a cool attack that lets us leak a per-chip secret out of the TPM one byte at a time, and a post about reading Bitlocker's secret off the SPI bus. Then we talk about several Shannon baseband bugs disclosed by Google's Project Zero.

209 - Bad Ordering, Free OpenAI Credits, and Goodbye Passwords?

We open up this weeks bug bounty podcast with a discussion about Google's recent support for passkeys, tackling some misunderstanding about what they are and how open the platform is. Also some talk towards the end about potential vulnerabilities to look out for. Then we dive into the vulnerabilities for the week, involving bypassing phone validation in OpenAI, a bad origin check enabling abuse of a permissive CORS policy, and an order of operations issue breaking the purpose of sanitization in Oracle's Opera.

208 - Timing Attack for Exploitation and VR in the wake of Rust

Not a lot of interesting binary exploitation topics for this week, we've got a DHCPv6 service vuln, and a fun idea to use a timing side-channel to improve exploit stability. Then we end with a discussion about Rust coming the Windows operating system, what Rust means for the future of exploit development and vulnerability research and the value of memory corruption in Windows.

207 - Git Config Injection and a Sophos Pre-Auth RCE

On this weeks bug bounty podcast we take a look at a few interesting issues. While they are all patched, there is reason to believe they'd all creep up in other applications too. First up is an RCE due to nested use of an escaped string. Second a fgets loop that doesn't account for long lines. A XML signature verification tool with a deceptive interface, and last a look at how Bash's privileged mode can backfire.