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Fuchsia OS, Printer Bugs, and Hacking Radare2

Some silly issues in radare2, some printer hacking, some kernel vulnerabilities, and a look at exploiting Fuchsia OS on this weeks episode. Just as a reminder this will be our last episode until September.

A Zoom RCE, VMware Auth Bypass, and GitLab Stored XSS

Last bounty episode before our summer vacation, and we are ending off with some cool issues. XML Stanza smuggling in Zoom for a MitM attack, an odd auth bypass, a Gitlab Stored XSS and gadget based CSP bypass, and an interesting technique to leverage a path traversal/desync against NGINX Plus

Pwn2Own, Parallels Desktop, and an AppleAVD Bug

Just a couple vulnerabilities to talk about this week, but some interesting things to talk about in them. We also have some discussion about this year's pwn2own results and a couple things that caught out attention.

Python 3 UAF and PS4/PS5 PPPoE Kernel Bug

We have a couple normally low-impact bugs in Solana rBPF this week netting a $200k bounty, a Python 2.7+ Use-After-Free and a PS4 and PS5 remote kernel heap overflow along with some discussion about exploitability and usability for a jailbreak.