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238 - Busted ASLR, PixieFail, and Bypassing HVCI

This week's binary episode features a range of topics from discussion on Pwn2Own's first automotive competition to an insane bug that broke ASLR on various Linux systems. At the lower level, we also have some bugs in UEFI, including one that can be used to bypass Windows Hypervisor Code Integrity mitigation.

233 - Spoofing Emails, PandoraFMS, and Keycloak

Kicking off 2024 with a longer episode as we talk about some auditing desktop applications (in the context of some bad reports to Edge). Then we've got a couple fun issues with a client-side path traversal, and a information disclosure due to a HTTP 307 redirect. A bunch of issues in PandoraFSM, and finally some research about parser differentials in SMTP leading to SMTP smuggling (for effective email spoofing).